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but is today the right day to get the best deals? we have the ultimate insider's guide on what to buy right now. deadly smashup. 100 cars and trucks collide on this high-traffic interstate. 2 people are dead and more than 80 injured, as many make their way to thanksgiving. what caused the cataclysmic crash? and halle berry's fiance and her ex come to bloody blows, as the os war winner lashes out at the paparazzi. both men went to the hospital. one landed in jail. what will stop this battle over halle's baby girl? and the lucky of the irish. for the first time in nearly 20 years, notre dame could be playing for the national championship. will this team that so many people love to hate, take number one? we know one person who thinks so. >> we've some so far. so great this season. another day awaits. you watch it. ♪ let's get it started
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let's get it started in here ♪ really? >> and good morning to all of you. what a thanksgiving it was. actually, on the football fields. and we hope in the living rooms for all of you. lots to get to this morning. but let us not waste any time in wishing our dear colleague, robin roberts, a very happy birthday, robin. [ applause ] >> she's only 40. it's a big one. >> if my 40, you mean 21. happy birthday, robin. i hope you gave yourself a little time to sleep in. meanwhile, we do have a lot for you. we're going to have a star-studded birthday spectacular for her. as george, and lara and sam are enjoying time with their families. we hope you had a beautiful
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thanksgiving day. now, it's black friday. look at all of the stores all over the country that are already open for business. we're going to get the experts' take on what the hottest toys are. and whether or not you should be buying some of these items. believe it or not, by this time on friday, black friday, some things are already gone. you shouldn't buy them. >> you would think it was the last television set ever made. >> it's a little frenetic. >> i have a hard time getting into the minds of the people who get up and storm the stores. >> there's a big debate on whether that's appropriate that people are doing this on thanksgiving day, now. we'll get into that, as well. apparently, we're also going to tell you about the former "price is right," model. she won a lawsuit against the game show because she was fired because she was pregnant. and the jury agreed. to the tune of $8.5 million. we'll have that story coming up. first, we get to the black
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friday blitz. abc's john schriffen, risking life and limb, at a best buy store in new york. >> reporter: the store's been open for about seven hours now. there's a still pretty good sized line right now. if you think this is bad, when the store opened at midnight, they had about 1,000 people ready to swoop in on the door-buster deals. retailers tell us, today, they're ready. let the shopping, the saving -- >> woo. >> reporter: and the shoving, begin. from grabbing for video games at this walmart in georgia. to fumbling for flat-screens at this best buy on long island. nationwide the hours of waiting in line overnight. >> 33 hours out there. >> reporter: transforming into this morning's annual black friday frenzy. >> this is normally $20. right now, it's $9.99 while supplies last. >> reporter: this year's in-store kchaos is not without
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controversy. walmart employees striking outside, while sales went on inside. >> we want to get a message out that there's a better america possible. >> reporter: in sacramento, california, tempers flared thursday at this kmart. >> push me and i'll stab one of you. >> reporter: and at indianapolis, mayhem at another kmart when it ran out of tvs. >> the cops were called in. it's a mad house. >> reporter: but this morning, while the discounts are deep, experts say the lines may not be nearly as long. according to ibm commerce, 68% of annual black friday shoppers are staying home. choosing to do their buying online. sales for internet purchases already soaring, nearly 18%. also adding to the reduced crowds this morning, sales that started thursday night. >> thank you. >> reporter: this woman stocked up on tvs, well before her turkey settled. >> i saved $616.
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>> reporter: so, if you're at home, you're probably wondering to yourself, are there any deals out there? best buy says they have items that never go on sale. like this ipod touch. you buy it you get a $25 gift card. and the beats by dre headphones, 10% off this weekend. but the good news is, you don't have to come in the store. you can get these same deals online. josh? >> and you got my christmas list. thank you for that, john. and thank you for risking that life and limb. now, to black friday bargain pitfalls, though. it's becky worley who has the inside scoop there. she joins us from oakland, california. very good early morning to you, becky. what's a late-comer to do? we look at our watches. it's 9:05. are we too late? >> you're probably too late for the big door-busters. but that doesn't mean there aren't good deals out there. for example, let me give you some categories where we're going to see great deals.
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apple has their only sale of the year today. in-store and online. 7% to 10% off. we see deals on the ipad and on some of their computers. keeping that theme going, any of the apple iphone accessories. with the iphone 5 they introduced a dock connector that's smaller. so any that go with the larger one, the older one, fire sale. i've seen them half off for clock radios that you dock your iphone into. and speaker systems. another category where we're seeing deals, laptops, josh. windows 8, microsoft's new operating system just came out. we're not going to see discounts. but on this day, we're seeing discounts, 20%, 30% off. i saw one at amazon, really good specks. that was about 200 bucks off. there's deals to be had. no beats by dre, josh. >> that happens. we've seen the pictures.
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this is becoming a contact sport. preparation is key here. so, before i walk out the door, what should i do? >> number one, get out your laptop and check for the deals you want on a deal aggregator site. that will tell you where to go. next, get social. search twitter for the local shopping area you're headed to, the specific store or the products you want. people may be tweeting about inventory or lack thereof. they may be tweeting about where it's a mad house. or we've heard that mall of america is tweeting where to find a parking lot. and one mall in colorado tweeting, we have free pancakes. you want to get social. that's key. and finally, get an app. you're going to macy's. as soon as you walk in the door, they know you're in the store if you have that app. and they'll send deals to your phone. walmart, they'll give you a map of where all the products are in the individual store you go into. >> wow. free pancakes. becky worley, you're bearing the lead. you'll be back with what you
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should by. right now, what you should wait for until prices do go down. elizabeth? >> thanks, josh. and toys "r" us is doing big business. there's one right across the street from us. and there was a line outside the doors when we were pulling up bright and early this morning. toys "r" us ceo, jerry stork, joins us this morning. i have to ask you. this has been controversial. some of the employees at target protesting having to work on chr thanksgiving day. are you worried about encroaching on the holiday we're supposed to be giving thanks, to be honest? >> most of black friday is still ahead of us. get the bargains out there. secondly, our employees love black friday. we are the holiday store. we're the christmas store. so, all year long, we get ready for black friday. last year, we opened at 9:00 p.m. on thanksgiving night. there were long lines of people waiting to get in the store. our customers said, instead of
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letting us wait, why don't you let us in? this year, we opened at 8:00 p.m. it was the best crowd on black friday. they were eating ice cream in the store during black friday, if you can imagine that. it was anything but a mad house. and it's continuing today. people love it. our employees love it. we know this is when we thrive. we provide toys for young children and families. and from black friday to christmas, it's our time of year. >> i was going to say, many businesses do 40% of their business. is it bigger for you because you're a toy store? >> as any business, a toy business, other than christmas trees, have the most amount of our business between black friday and christmas. we're focused on it all the time. >> so, this is game on for you? >> game on. >> let's look at the hottest toys. we were talking about this one. the angry birds meets "star wars" games. and skylanders giants. >> a fantastic video game. you have action figures. you put them on a portal and they pop into the video game. you play with it for a while and it stores information.
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you can take it to your friend's house and keep playing. it's really cool. a combination of virtual and physical world. >> you expect to sell a lot of these. the toys "r" us tablet for kids. >> that's the toys "r" us designed kids tablet. it comes preloaded. learning applications. and has parental controls so you can make sure they don't go places through the wi-fi you don't want them going to. >> great for airplane travel. >> for $149.99, what a fantastic alternative than loaning them your ipad. >> and this lego friends. legos have been trying to succeed with girls for a long time. finally, with friends, they hit a home run. the girls love lego friends. and butterscotch here, well, it's the next-best thing to a real pet. >> jerry storch, you have big weeks ahead of you. great toys here. and everybody, happy shopping.
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>> come out today. huge values at the lowest prices of the year. >> jerry, thank you so much. now, dan harris has the top stories developing this morning. >> thank you. good morning, everybody. we're going to start with the large and lethal highway pileup in texas. police have never seen anything like this. dozens of cars, trucks and suvs, piled on top of one another. look at this. smashed like toys. rescuers desperately trying to find survivors and pull them out of the wreckage. abc's ryan owens tells us how this happened. >> reporter: crews spent all night trying to untangle this mangled mess of metal. they think there's as many as 150 cars, trucks and semis piled up on this stretch of texas highway. two people, a man and a woman in this suburban were killed. almost 100 others spent their holiday in the hospital. >> look at this 18-wheeler right here. >> reporter: dense fog blinded drivers here on thanksgiving morning. investigators say most of them couldn't see a foot in front of them. >> it takes just one person to unexpectedly hit their brakes.
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and there's the domino effect. >> bam. you could hear it for miles. >> reporter: it happened on interstate 10 about 80 miles east of houston. both sides of i-10 were shut down for hours. tens of thousands hoping to get to their thanksgiving meal for stranded. daniel ortiz's mother slammed into an suv. this was thanksgiving. so, before paramedics took him away, he made sandwiches from the turkey he and his mom had in the car and served them to the injured. a roadside meal for those truly thankful just to be alive. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> nice kid. good for him. overseas this morning, authorities in israel say they've now arrested a member of the palestinian militant group hamas, who they believe was behind wednesday's bus bombing in tel aviv. 27 people injured there. this morning, the fragile cease-fire between hamas and israel appears to be holding. but a new poll finds 49% of
7:13 am
israelis believe their government should have continued with this military offensive in gaza. there's some controversy this morning surrounding one of the most enduring images from hurricane sandy. remember how the storm destroyed parts of the boardwalk along the jersey shore and left this rollercoaster submerged? now, some local officials are considering leaving it where it is, saying it would be a popular tourist destination. but critics say it would be a painful reminder of the storm. fans of the new york jets were treated to a game that is being described in the papers like heinous, a blooper real, and cover your eyes bad. quarterback mark sanchez, running into his teammate's backside. fumbling, he handed the patriots another touchdown. at one point, the new england patriots scored 3 touchdowns in 52 seconds. >> what? >> yeah. the final score there, 49-19. "the new york post" this morning
7:14 am
memorializing the game with a headline, "butt ugly." yeah. i have to say, as a guy from boston, seemed like a pretty good game to me. >> i'll say this, the first two games yesterday were terrific. that game just sent us to bed early. thank you for that. >> thanks. now, to a deadly boat accident that happened just off the coast of florida. a woman is dead and several more were hurt after a boat capsized near pompano beach, florida. the group was back from a thanksgiving diving trip. and bazi kanani has the story. >> reporter: witnesses say the wave came out of nowhere. >> it was windy. there were waves rolling in. >> reporter: the force, apparently so intense, water went over the 45-foot catamaran, tossing the 21 divers and 2 crew members onboard into the ocean. >> chaos. people just in the water and stuff. it's like unbelievable. >> reporter: and rolling the massive boat upside down. >> the wave caught it from behind and it flipped, as he was coming in the harbor.
7:15 am
>> reporter: investigators say one woman was killed after she was trapped beneath the capsized boat. other passengers, many with injuries, climbed out of the water and on to the overturned hull. >> we started to do a headcount on everybody. and they were missing one. >> reporter: as beachgoers called 911, nearby boaters raced towards the accident, pulling people on to wave runners and into rescue boats. captain bob casey was among the first to reach the scene. >> your adrenaline kicks in. you want to get people onboard as quickly as possible. i came up to them and started pulling them out one at a time. >> reporter: late thursday, investigators questioned survivors. this morning, they say it does not appear the boat was over its capacity. but they are still trying to figure out how a single wave could have caused this massive glass-bottom boat to end up like this. the woman who was killed, 54-year-old nina poppelsdorf,
7:16 am
was visiting from new mexico. all others are recovering at home this morning. and considering the force of that wave and the damage it did to the boat, it's surprising there weren't more serious injuries. >> wow. all right. thank you so much, bazi. >> thank you, bazi. we shift gears, now, to the biggest college football game of the year. top-ranked notre dame, facing its archrival, usc, tomorrow. its showdown saturday for those two. and for notre dame, one of the country's most storied teams, it is a chance to furnish their glory anew. if they win, they will play for their first national championship in decades. they're the team you either love. or love to hate. the golden domes of the notre dame fighting irish. while they've won an impressive 13 national titles, it's been decades since their last in 1988. but this weekend, another step
7:17 am
toward redemption toward the archrival usc trojans. a team they've lost to nine of their last ten games. but a win will mean a shot at title number 14. all eyes on this man, whose south bend legend is already written. a team captain and heisman trophy favorite. >> faith is believing in something that you most likely can't see. but you believe to be true. you still take that leap. >> reporter: that faith, put to the test this fall, when in a span of six hours, his grandmother died and he lost his girlfriend to leukemia. >> just my grandma passed away. and you take, you know, the love of my life. last thing she said to me was, i love you. >> reporter: the very next saturday, he was back on the field, intercepting two passes on the day they were buried. >> i love each and every one of you. we had our highs and we had our lows. but at the end of the day, we
7:18 am
stuck together. >> reporter: it was a snapshot of all that has the irish back on top. and this year, it's why their fans and possibly their biggest fan, are such believers. >> this is s.c.'s one chance to redeem itself from having a terrible season to beat notre dame. but coach kelly won't let them beat notre dame. we've come so far. so great this season. notre dame wins. you watch it. >> a little excited. >> yes. just a bit. i can tell you, there is no better story in the sport than teyo. i have to say the sport is better when notre dame is this good. >> go, irish. >> or not. don't miss it, though. notre dame/usc. we can have a friendly wager here, vargas. >> you bet. 50 bucks. >> 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific on abc. we turn to our ginger zee, in for sam champion, today, and the weather. >> not getting between you two. a cold front is between a lot of us here.
7:19 am
some places feel 60 degrees colder than they did yesterday. waking up to 17 in st. cloud. minneapolis, 19. des moines, 28. bismarck, you feel like 1 degree. that's right. winter is settling in real quick. the northwest settled a bit after a drier thanksgiving.
7:20 am
>> the minus is never a good thing. coming up, a big win against the game show. a jury awarding the former "price is right" model awarded millions. and a fight at halle berry's house. her fiance and ex go to the hospital. what happened? hospital. what happened? >> black friday, people. you, you, you, you... ♪ ♪ and one for me. ♪ check out the price of this new flat screen. ♪ ♪ i'll buy it for bill but it's also for me. ♪ ♪ xbox for jack. ♪ sweaters for nancy. ♪ i'm blown away... i'm freaking out... ♪ ♪ deals, deals, deals! breathe.
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breaking news in san francisco major traffic accident. >> it is in buenos aires serious accident northbound 101 -- it is in palo alto serious accident northbound 101, chp car involved we don't know the details, suv was hit looks like the suv was bumped off the freeway and rolled to the off-ramp 7. people were ejected ambulance on scene, -- three people with serious injuries northbound 101 own one lane getting by. i just checked waze app
7:25 am
traffic backed to san antonio road northbound 101 direction you can see virtually stopped due toe this very serious accident -- due to this very serious accident just past -- we'll check back in with you in a bit.
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welcome back. still in the 30s in our inland
7:28 am
neighborhoods, 40s for rest of us, 50 san francisco and half moon bay. temperatures well above average today, away from the coast 70s again tomorrow [ male announcer ] steak combos. featured now at sizzler. tri tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler.
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a very troubling moment yesterday morning for oscar winner halle berry, protecting her little girl from the paparazzi. moments later, her fiance and ex
7:30 am
came to blows. both were sent to the hospital with wounds. we're going to tell you everything that happened. we wish you a good morning, america. and a happy day after thanksgiving. we hope you had a great one with your friends and family. robin home, recovering from her bone marrow transplant. and a happy birthday again to you, robin roberts. george, lara and sam are enjoying the holiday with their family. glad to have elizabeth vargas, dan harris and ginger zee, respectively, this morning. we're going to look at the morning scrum at walmart this morning. the craziness started yesterday on thanksgiving. but now, you can see that it's nearly out of control. look at that. unfortunately, a lot of these stores were opening early to try to avoid just this, the mayhem, as consumers push and shove to get to the bargains that they want to buy. we're going to tell you if you really need to brave those crowds, or if the deals come closer to christmas. and if you think that's crazy, that, by the way, is what we call a segue.
7:31 am
we're going to look at extreme cougars. thank you, elizabeth. appreciate that. these are women who date men less than half their age. what their families have to say about the january/december relationships. >> hey, if they're happy. >> absolutely. that's my view. now, anothering segue. we're going to turn to the brawl at the oscar winner's home yesterday, on thanksgiving. her current fiance and ex went to blows. what happened in the fight to involve police on the scene? linsey davis is here with the story. >> reporter: forget about breaking bread together. the two men in halle berry's life broke bones wednesday morning, getting into a fight that landed one of them in jail and both of them in the emergency room. >> did you start the fight? >> reporter: olivier martinez and his fiance, halle berry, were swarmed by paparazzi late thursday, as they returned to the home they share with berry's daughter, nahla.
7:32 am
>> who started the fight? >> be quiet. there's a child in here. be quiet. >> reporter: hours earlier, the 46-year-old frenchman was seen leaving los angeles cedar sinai medical center, gripping x-rays. his hands swollen, after a bitter thanksgiving throwdown with berry's ex outside her home. police saberry called 911 just after 10:00 a.m., after her ex, gabriel aubry and martinez started fighting. aubry was dropping off the daughter he shares with berry for the holiday. that's when martinez was telling aubry we have to move on. aubry began hitting martinez. and the two began to scuffle. by the time officers arrived, the fight was over. but not before both men were bloodied. martinez injured his hand and neck. aubry's face was bruised and several of his ribs broken. both were taken to the e.r., aubry by ambulance. while aubry may have landed several punches, his actions landed him as the lapd, where he
7:33 am
was arrested an misdemeanor battery charges. late thursday, he posted $20,000 bail. berry and aubry's increasingly contentious relationship has made headlines for months after the relationship soured in h 2010. berry said she wanted to move to france where laws restrict paparazzi. she pleaded for help from president obama on "extra." >> i'm going to call obama and say, look. can you help us? there's no laws that protect our children. >> reporter: for his part, aubry has fought the move by berry to relocate. yet, he, too, has had his run-ins with paparazzi. throwing water at photographers wednesday night, as he took his daughter out on the town. late thursday, a judge issued an emergency room protective order against the male model, issuing him to stay away from berry, their daughter and martinez. aubry will be back in court december 3rd. won't be able to see his daughter ahead of that pym.
7:34 am
martinez making a citizen arrest. >> these custody battles can get so linsey. we're going to turn to "the price is right." a former model awarded $8.5 million after a jury found she was fired for being pregnant. she sued the producers for wrongful termination. and she wasn't allowed to return back to work after maternity leave. and nick watt has the story. >> thanks, brandi. >> reporter: brandi cochran was born to work on this show. >> i watched "the price is right." i loved it. i pretended to be the model. >> reporter: this former model landed the dream gig in 2002. >> it's not so bad to be brunette. and bob favored the blonde girls. >> reporter: then, she announced she was pregnant. >> twins. are you kidding? are you serious?
7:35 am
and the producer was very negative about me having twins. and i think the fear that i'd be gaining more weight. i didn't feel welcome at all. >> reporter: in what sense? >> no congratulations, we're happy to have your pregnancy on the show, having my schedule cut. >> reporter: she lost one twin, jack. and daughter, katie, was born with significant health problems. >> my daughter was in the nicu fighting for her life for four months. postpartum hit me hard for losing a baby. and having a daughter struggle like this. it was the hardest time of my life. and i wanted my job to turn to. and they treated me like i didn't exist. >> reporter: she was not invited back to "the price is right." and so, she sued. why did you decide it was so important to do this? >> because if i hadn't gotten pregnant, i wouldn't have lost my job. that's what this boils down to. >> reporter: the jury agreed and awarded cochran more than $8.5
7:36 am
million in compensation and punitive damages. the producers plan to appeal. the court, among other things, refused to allow the jury to hear and consider that 40% of our models have been pregnant, reads their statement. we expect to be fully vindicated after the matter has been reviewed. the very day of the damning verdict, drew carey, the current host, made a very public show of support for another model mom-to-be. >> rachel's pregnant, everybody. rachel's pregnant. tell the world. rachel's pregnant. >> reporter: cochran won and won big. the price was high. >> i want to go home and squeeze my daughter and say, it's worth it to stand up. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you, nick. time for another look at the weather. and in for sam champion, ginger zee. >> good morning, everyone. we have to start with the snow. with that cold air i was showing you earlier, we have snow. and it looks like this in
7:37 am
st. cloud, minnesota, where they had one to two inches. but of course, the first couple snows of the season, always tough to drive on. some slide-offs. that's going to be the case in michigan, northern wisconsin, as well. that's where we get extra lake-effect snow. marquette, areas like that. a solid eight inches, locally up to a foot. and the other lakes there, from buffalo to cleveland, a couple of inches possible. lake-effect snow season has started. i love that. i get excited about snow. cold, here, pushing in. chicago yesterday was in the low-60s. today, 37. tomorrow, 34. boston you'll get colder, but not quite as chilly. i'll leave
7:38 am
>> this weather report, brought to you by search light's "hitchcock" rated pg-13. coming up, a year-long investigation by abc news into how polygamous leader, warren jeffs, is still controlling the lives of thousands of his followers from behind bars. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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let's do this thing!en, this is no ordinary thanksgiving. sears black friday doorbusters start 8pm thursday, going all night with more doorbusters 4am friday. this is sears.
7:41 am
now, for a very rare look inside a very secret world. located on the border between arizona and utah. it's, in fact, the largest
7:42 am
polygamist community in america. and an year-long abc news investigation shows that even though its leader is in prison, he's still very much in control. and it's the focus of "20/20" tonight. and abc's amy robach is here with much more. >> that's right, josh. good morning to you. this is a community you literally have to see to believe. 8,000 people who blindly follow their prophet, warren jeffs. he's a convicted child molester. this is a man, from behind prison walls, continue to tear family ace part. he controls where you sleep, what you eat, who you marry. he controls everything. this is willie steed. he is an outsider in his own hometown because days ago, he left the fundamentalist latter-day saints or flds. >> you find somewhere to live. >> reporter: the flds is a splinter group of the mainstream
7:43 am
mormman church. warren jeffs is still in control from behind bars. >> when he speaks, you'll be blessed. disobey him, it is death. >> reporter: despite being sentenced to life in prison for sexual assault of underaged girls, his followers have still not left him. his presence is everywhere. >> this is warren jeffs' house, compound. >> reporter: willie agreed to guide us through this strange and clandestined world. all over town, no one would answer questions about warren jeffs. just a simple question whether warren jeffs is still in charge of the town. but the question we really wanted to know about is their practice of pulling young boys out of school to work in construction. willie started at age 8. >> it was incredible to see that as a kid. you can do such slave labor. >> reporter: willie now lives in salt lake city with a host family, pam and ron jensen. they quickly learned that willie
7:44 am
can't read. >> you want me to write it down. i'll write it down. >> reporter: did you realize how little you knew? >> yes, i did. being in the religion, i knew i was going nowhere. i wasn't growing in life. i couldn't change because, i didn't know how to change. dog? >> that says dog. and then? >> dogs. >> good. >> i should have learned this when i was in first grade. >> you're doing good. >> reporter: according to willie, most children in the flds get no more than a grade school education. >> if they want you to get out of school, they'll paid for it. you're pretty well uneducated as far as anything goes. >> and willie is just one of thousands of children who are or have been under the thumb of warren jeffs. willie has six sisters who were able to recently break free, along with his mother. we follow them and their difficult journey out of this secret sect and look at the many who remain inside, josh. >> something not to be missed. you can see "breaking polygamy"
7:45 am
on "20/20" tonight, at 10:00 p.m. right here on abc. and coming up, "the play of the day." the fake photo freaked out this young woman's mother. outraged the internet and my co-anchors. we'll be talking to mom and daughter. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 ml350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. and eddy said the toys might not be ready! eddy? the elf! ♪ [ radio announcer ] today's forecast: it's snowing snowballs and snow bricks out there... seven more days and it's snowing snow bricks!
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7:49 am
the here's "the play of the day." >> vargas is having a fun friday over here. >> what does that guy say? >> and now, "the play of the day." a couple of days ago, i showed you this photo. 22-year-old samantha, appears to be hanging on for dear life at the grand canyon. it was a joke photograph. she posted it on reddit. i produced it as a news item. my co-anchors threw me under the bush. samantha bush and her mother
7:50 am
joining us now. samantha, why did you do this to mom? >> why did i do this? the first five days before i went on this trip, she was worried about going to the grand canyon. people are dumb. they fall off. they die. or the wind, supposedly, blows them over the edge. so, while i was there, i found kind of a cool, little spot that i could sneak into and lean back and look like i'm falling off. i thought that would be a great picture to send back home to my parents who were worried about me down here. >> you were not in danger. i do want to point that out, vargas. >> she could have slipped and leaned back. >> i was standing on a foot and a half of ledge. and behind me, there was a drop. if i fell, i would have been in a little bit of trouble. >> mom, quickly. what did you think when you saw the photo? quickly? >> when i got it, not only did she send it to me, she sent it to all of the nurses that work in my office. and my heart just dropped for
7:51 am
like 30 seconds. and i'm thinking, you know, i was like, it's got to be fake. >> we're running out of time. thank you, both. it was brilliant. you should be ashamed. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem, that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce the risk of an afib-related stroke. there is limited data on how these drugs compare when warfarin is well managed. no routine blood monitoring means bob can spend his extra time however he likes.
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7:56 am
i'm eric thomas. breaking news palo alto major, major accident there. sue is following it. quite tragic. a shot from earlier sky 7 hd this is north 101 past embarcadero, chp car involved, suv rolled over you can see the chp car jammed up, "sig alert" in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. only one lane getting by northbound 101 in palo alto, use 280 as your alternate. still in the 30s and 40s in most areas, low to mid 50s san francisco and half moon bay. by the afternoon well above average by five to eight degrees. a lot of 70s out there away from the coast in the mid 60s 70s again tomorrow, temperatures slowly taper sunday
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:00 am
you always know when it's deejay friday. happy day after thanksgiving. d.j. rashida. >> d.j. rashida is hot. >> indeed. >> that was a technical. want to apologize for that technical snafu. we're deep into black friday madness. we want to thank rashida for coming in. and wish you a good morning. and robin, of course, on the mend. and today, of course, her birthday. happy birthday to you, robin. celebrating with her. and so is this living legend. >> robin, i know today is your birthday. so, i just wanted to personally sing to you. ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday, darling ♪
8:01 am
>> that's hot. we're going to see a star-studded celebration for robin. do hope you had a thanksgiving holiday to enjoy. it's all coming up. again, george, lara, sam, all spending the day with their families. glad to be joined by rachel smith, elizabeth vargas, dan harris, and ginger zee. >> now, do it all in reverse order. >> my own pop quiz. >> i hope robin enjoyed that special serenade from stevie wonder. as we said, this is black friday. and i hold in my little hand, one of the hottest toys of the season. it's a leap frog pad 2. stop. i know how to do this. i'm going to take this thing and jam it into your -- >> oh. >> happy friday. >> it's going so fast. it's already sold out. so, we're going to show you this -- >> what are the age ranges on that phone? >> much more from our technology correspondent, elizabeth vargas. yeah.
8:02 am
aside from the aggro, we have practical advice for you. if you're going to head out to the stores, becky worley has advice on the get-now deals. and what you should hold off on for rock-bottom prices. that's coming up. also, coming up, dan, i'll handle this one. take a look at the couple on your screen. they get rather long stares, apparently, wherever they go. she is called, i am told, an extreme cougar. their age difference, 31 years. what do they see in each other? >> she's doing yoga. and look at our cameron mathison speeding around in a kilt. he is with the cast of the disney on ice spectacular. cameron is so game. i have to hand it to him. look at him. >> indeed.
8:03 am
>> cameron, whoa. all right. >> time for the live shot. first, though, it's turn it back to dan. a look at the top developing stories. >> thanks, guys. good morning, everybody. let's kick it off with the annual orgy of capitalism known as black friday. this is what it looked like at the retailers flinging their doors open, some as early as 8:00 last night. shoppers mobbed walmart, knocking one another to the floor, while reaching for phones, tvs and video games. tempers flared in indianapolis when the store ran out of tvs. an estimated 147 million people are expected to shop this weekend. that's a slight increase from last year. this morning, interstate 10 in texas has reopened after a dense, soupy fog caused this 150-vehicle pileup. two people, a married couple, were killed when an 18-wheeler smacked into their suv. more than 100 people were injured. in the middle east this morning, egypt is holding talks
8:04 am
with israel and hamas, hoping to extend their fragile cease-fire. hamas wants border restrictions on gaza lifted. meantime, the new president of egypt is coming under scrutiny. mohamed morsi just granted himself sweeping, new powers, declaring the courts will no longer be allowed to overturn his decisions. opponents fete fires across the country in protest. spectacular images out of russia now, showing a giant fireball moscow. it took 12 hours to put this thing out. amazi amazingly, no injuries reported. back here at home, the post office, in desperate need of cash, is testing out a new service. same-day package delivery. it's being aimed at online shoppers who want or need the instant gratification of a store purchase and are willing to play a flat fee of about 10 bucks. the postal service says it's going to test this idea next month in san francisco. and finally, as you eye the
8:05 am
bargains during this holiday season, somebody may be eyeing you. some stores are now using mannequins outfitted with a tiny camera embedded in the eye. they can scope out shoplifters we spying on them at eye level and collecting information on shoppers' habits. the italian company that makes the spy cams are working on technology that would allow them to eavesdrop, as well. just in case you didn't think mannequins were already creepy, they get a little more creepy. >> do you have to divulge -- >> is there a sign on the mannequin? >> follow-up-free friday. >> all right. let's turn, now, to rachel smith with the news that pops. >> exactly. got some great poppin' news. it seems like the only thing we like sharing more than our thanksgiving recipes are our thanksgiving pictures. instagram exploded with turkey day pictures. with hash tags like
8:06 am
thanksgiving, turkey and stuffing. and uploading 100 photos per second. that's crazy. now, compare that to hurricane sandy. the single-biggest event on instagram before this. users were uploading only ten photos per second. >> that's serious. >> absolutely. dan, were you tweeting out photos yesterday? >> i did not. i was not doing well with twitter yesterday. i promise to do better today. black friday, a huge day for me. as i hit the stores -- >> you're going to hit the stores? >> no. online. >> i can count on dan with a good, old-fashioned twitter pic of the cat. >> yeah. rachel, thanks for that. >> i love that about you, dan. i love that about you. okay. let's move along. hard to believe, but before the beatles were the beatles, they were rejected. the original audition tape that was turned down by a record company has been discovered now after 50 years and is going on the auction block. the record exec didn't sign them
8:07 am
because he thought guitar groups were, get this, on the way out. within months of that meeting, the beatles, then called the silver beatles, and with a drummer not named ringer starr, tried to deal with emi. and the rest is history. this ten-song demo tape is expected to sell around $50,000. >> i'll bet it goes for a lot more. >> and that first record executive company, he can do your taxes. >> he's probably suffering now. now, for a dose of cuteness. the new addition to the st. louis zoo can be seen by visitors. the colomus monkey was born on halloween. and her name is swahili for ghost or shadow. calomus man can is are born with white hair and a pink face. so cute. they become primarily black hair and white around the face by six months. so precious. i love that. if you didn't overindulge on
8:08 am
thanksgiving yesterday, i got a little treat for you. i now hold in my hands, an evil chocolate. this is no ordinary chocolate. this guilty pleasure costs a mere $18. >> what? >> why is it so expensive? >> what? >> food legends anthony bourdain and anthony ropar are the masterminds behind it. >> what makes it $18? >> it's made from cakau means that were thought to be extinct. >> what's the difference? >> follow-up-free? >> that's unbelievable. >> just indulge. >> do we like it? >> it's pretty good. >> very good. of course, for 18 bucks, it should be. it's time for a little pop quiz. which legend dir children's book character is celebrating his or
8:09 am
her 80th birthday? numb number one, curious george. number two, eloise. or number three, babar. the answer just ahead. >> "d," all the above. that's what i hope. i love them all. let's go to ginger zee, who is in for sam champion. >> i know the chocolate is waiting in there for me. very good morning, everyone. look at the sign. we just popped in from the world's only corn palace. where is that? >> south dakota. >> we love the hats. they made them. it's even better. it's so beautiful out here in new york city this morning. atlantic city feeling comfortable but very foggy. look at the street fog low-lying there. the marine layer and other things working in. either way, going to end up to be a nice day at 56. all that cold will eventually break into the mild. so, look. cleveland, today, only 46. 54 for pittsburgh. atlantic city ends up at 56. not bad at all. a nice day, too, in the southwest. they're about five to ten degrees above average.
8:10 am
phoenix will go for a high of 82. 77, los angeles. their average is right in the >> and, elizabeth, i've got a young man who knows how to use the note pad. maybe he can come back in and help. let's go back to rachel. >> burn. now, here's a look at what's ahead on "gma morning menu." it's black friday. our becky worley on what's
8:11 am
buying today. and what's best to wait for to get the best deal ever. hot toys. what's flying off the shelves? and the odd couple. inside the world of women who date much younger men. all coming up live on "gma" here from times square. [ female announcer ] it's the moment when forever begins.
8:12 am
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8:13 am
it has natural sunflower oil and b vitamins that guarantee a visibly shiny coat. with natural ingredients, guaranteed to promote healthy digestion. make the natural choice today. [ cheers and applause ] all right. it's time for our pop quiz answer. which legendary children's book character is celebrating his or her 80th birthday? well, the answer is "c" babar. the king of the jungle. you know his signature green suit and yellow crown. looking pretty good for 80, i'd say, right? >> perfect. sarina, daddy's bringing home the crown for you. happy birthday to babar. and robin roberts.
8:14 am
that's terrific. two legends in one day. >> love it. coming up, special black friday survival guide. what to buy, when to buy it. the marathon shopping season has kicked off. go nowhere. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today. but all you notice is her beautiful, healthy skin. jergens ultra healing moisturizer makes even your driest skin look healthier, instantly. with beautiful skin from jergens, you'll always make an entrance. jergens®. the beautiful difference.
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8:16 am
♪ [ female announcer ] your favorite holiday flavors are here... with some new ones to love. ♪ try new sugar free pumpkin spice... and pecan praline. the gift of great taste is just a click away. get your coupon at nestle. good food. good life. d.j. rashida rocks us into black friday. we know that shopping is the order of the day. our technology -- we have a lot of kids here trying out toys. our technology contributor,
8:17 am
becky worley, is at best buy from oakland. and going to tell us what you should buy today and what to wait for to buy. good morning, becky. >> good morning, becky. i'm mostly shopping online today. that's one of the quick tips i'm giving you off the top here. no need to go to the stores if you don't want to. but there's some things you should buy today. and some things that you shouldn't buy. so, shall we start with the things you absolutely should buy? >> right. the ones we should be clicking on right now. >> yes. okay. so, let's start out, if you buy one thing today, it should be itunes gift cards. these are 20% to 30% off in lots of different outlets. best buy, toys "r" us, sam's club. i buy enough to last me the entire year because it's basically a 20% discount off of apps and all of the movies that i watch. >> wow. >> let's move to the apple store. their only sale of the year. you'll see the ipad for about 40% off.
8:18 am
7% to 10% off most of their products. ipad touch about 20 bucks off. you can get better deals on apple products in a lot of the big chain stores because even though they'll offer them at the regular price, they'll give you, for example, at mejer, they'll give you a 30% gift card if you buy the ipod touch. >> not the latest products, right? >> you won't find the iphone 5 on sale. but you will find tons of android phones on sale. we have wirefly, a website that has 50 android phones for less than $1. sam's club has the fancy samsung galaxy for 89 cents. and amazon wireless has a lot of deals. not just for new customers but also for upgraders. finally, i would say, the big thing to keep in mind you should buy today, anything that's going to be scarce. we expect the wii u gaming console to be scarce. the monster high dog.
8:19 am
and the leap pad. >> i'm getting so much grief for that. before we move on to what you shouldn't buy, is express clothing and carter clothing. >> now, to the things you shouldn't buy. one, toys. if you don't think they're going to be scarce, not the hottest deals. we're going to have a segment coming up on the hottest deals of the year you should buy on toys absolutely today. but toys generally go down in price as the year continues. and then, another one, tvs. you see all the ads for tvs today. but those are the door-busters. what you want to do is wait until later, towards december. and the best tv deals, elizabeth, are right around january and the super bowl. >> okay. so, wait if you can. becky, thanks so much. and before you start shopping, you should go to on yahoo! to find out all about the hottest black friday and cyber monday deals. let's turn over to josh with some toys and some kids. >> yeah. emphasis on the kids.
8:20 am
by the way, kids, you all get gold stars. you are having a wonderful morning. if you can keep it up for 3:30, we're going to be great. toys flying off shelves. here to fill us in on the ones you need to get on the wish lists, toy insider joey fortman. >> i love this. you can find really great deals right now. and it grows with your kids. it doesn't get used and tossed after the holiday. you have three years. >> i like to see what ages are playing with it. we have little damon and toddlers. they can find different things. >> i play with it, too. >> something for the kids older with us. what do we have here? >> this is flying grover 2.0. boston, show us how this guy works. flies up and down. push his little button. >> hello, everybody. >> that's really awesome. thank you very much. that's great. that's awesome.
8:21 am
that's great. actually, it's even fun for the adults here. >> it is. >> that's great, austin. >> and he lets you know, it's very motion sensored. we're good with that one. >> what do we have here? the leap pad 2. >> elizabeth was playing with this earlier. this is one of the hottest tablets this year. this is for the younger age. what's great about the 2 is it has the camera on both sides. you can have eight profiles with it. you can monitor the websites. you can set a timer, which is fabulous for moms, so we're not the bad guy that will turn it off. >> i had to set that for elizabeth. what are the ages for this one? >> this one is 2 and up. >> 2 and up, elizabeth. that's terrific. 2 and up. cinderella. that's an old classic. >> a classic. but they re-released the movie this year. cinderella is a beautiful doll. it's my magical wand cinderella. you move the wand over the heart
8:22 am
area, and it lights up. >> now, we're going to do demo. what am i about to demo? elizabeth, can you come over here? >> this is the air hog, the battle tracker. it's great that a lot of the remote control helicopters are hard to fly. i, as a mom, can fly this one. >> i can fly this? >> don't quote me on that. >> what you do is you it has a base. you can battle the helicopter. you can shoot, pushing that button. >> watch out, everybody. i said, what are the chances that's going to happen? turns out, 100%. sorry about that, austin. quickly, elizabeth has had her eye on this all morning long. can you demo it for us, vargas? >> it's the hot item every year. >> very good. >> and in heels, too. the hot item, bicycles and scooters. this is like a "y" scooter.
8:23 am
this came out this year, brought to the u.s. kids love it. 100 bucks, starting off. >> can you get back to the desk? no time to play, vargas. you logon to on yahoo! all of these deals up there. and joey fortman, we appreciate it. a special applause for the young ones with us. >> they made it. >> it's actually elizabeth's deal. >> i just took my bike helmet off. switching gears here. what is it about cougars and cubs? we're not talking wildlife. we mean older women and younger men who date them. a new show "extreme cougar lives" explores women in relationships with men, young enough not to be just their sons but their grandsons. abc's nick watt takes a look. >> reporter: there were samantha's exploits on tv. stiffler's mom on the big screen. >> finch, are you trying to seduce me? >> yes, ma'am, i am.
8:24 am
>> reporter: the modern-day mrs. robinson. and most famously, demi, in real life. so, what's life like for everyday cougars and their cubs? meet octavio. he's 28. >> are you single? >> no, i'm not. i have a girlfriend. >> reporter: and here she is, stephanie. >> hi, honey. >> hi, honey. >> reporter: she's 65 years old. and she is octavio's girlfriend. that's right. his girlfriend. >> i'm a widow. and i was tired of being a widow. i was trying to date men in my own age range. i would say, okay. let's go hiking up paseo miramar. i nearly killed one man. >> reporter: she met him in the restaurant he works. they've been together ever since that night. >> i like a few wrinkles around the eyes. that's a beautiful thing. >> with a smile like that, he can pretty much have any woman he wants.
8:25 am
>> i like older women. >> reporter: you always liked older women? >> all my life. they carry themselves with a bit of confidence. i find that sexually appealing. >> reporter: they are on "cougar lives." meet jude, and kevin, who is 21. >> i met him through my daughter. they went to middle school together. >> reporter: and now, they're married. it went pretty well. until they had to kelkevin's parents. >> we kind of got married. >> huh? >> so, she's your new mother. >> reporter: this show is littered with perplexed stares and a little revulsion. >> i don't get it. a 28-year-old man going for a 65-year-old women, when there's women like us, who are beautiful. >> reporter: even octavio's friends don't really get it. >> i like stephanie as a person. i don't like her with octavio. this is someone my own age. >> reporter: does that hurt you a little bit?
8:26 am
>> does it hurt me? sure. you know, i'm human. >> reporter: where does it go? or who cares? >> who cares? it goes to tomorrow. and then, if tomorrow's good, it goes to the next day. >> reporter: and today, well, it's their one-year anniversary. >> happy anniversary. cheers. >> cheers. >> reporter: "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. good morning i'm eric thomas. breaking news from palo alto, chp patrol cruiser among the cars involved in a fatal
8:27 am
multi-vehicle crash on highway 101 at embarcadero road exit one dead, two this critical. chp officer suffered minor injuries. northbound 101 will be blocked for several hours. >> it is quite a tragic situation. you can see from sky 7 hd earlier, one lane getting by, the far left lane, traffic is now jammed all the way past rains doll -- reinsdorf, bumper-to-bumper sick alert in effect until 1:00, left lane getting by even the expressway is jammed, i suggest 280 until this gets cleared up which will be some time.
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. still ly in most areas in the fours too, 51 san francisco, -- this afternoon warmer than average five degrees in san francisco, oakland eight degrees warmer, 70 fremont, livermore, cloverdale 71 most of us mid to upper ♪ ♪ be our guest
8:30 am
♪ be our guest [ cheers and applause ] good morning. disney on ice, presenting -- thank you. forgot my microphone. disney on ice, presenting "rockin' ever after." mickey and his pals are putting on a superstar showcase. with a special guest star this morning, our own cameron mathison, in a kilt, no less. let's hope he doesn't take a spill on the ice. it will be mighty cold. >> indeed. good morning, america. and i'm not going to lie, tony bennett is inches away from me. robin roberts on the mend. and the birthday girl, to boot. happy birthday, robin. huh? [ cheers and applause ] george, lara, sam, away with their families. happy to have elizabeth vargas,
8:31 am
dan harris, ginger zee, and rachel smith, with us this morning. and emeril is coming. he's got leftovers. he's going to make us some turkey sandwiches. >> delicious. >> what else do you do with the leftover turkey, huh? and as josh mentioned, we have a legend in the house. or as josh would say, in the hizzy. it's tony bennett. a huge dog lover. and he is featured in a new book about celebrity pets. >> yes it's all about dogs. love letters for your dogs. robin wrote a love letter to her dog, k.g. it's a great book. and speaking of, this morning, we have a special message for robin, from stevie wonder and other folks. happy birthday. >> robin, i know today's your birthday. i want to personally sing to you -- ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday, robin ♪
8:32 am
♪ happy birthday happey birthday ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday ♪ >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday, robin. i love you. >> i love you, robin, baby. happy birthday. >> wishing you a happy birthday. in honor of that, we're going to fire off these things. ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ happy birthday happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ happy birthday >> we love you so much. have a great day. >> happy birthday, robin roberts. >> yeah. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> happy birthday, robin. >> happy birthday. and so many more.
8:33 am
♪ happy birthday >> happy birthday, robin. i love you. >> happy birthday, robin. ♪ happy birthday ♪ and you'll have many more happy birthday. >> awesome. happy birthday to robin. and in case you're wondering, that was our boss, spencer, dancing on his desk. >> we want you to logon to on yahoo! robin and her dog are featured in a great, new book, as i walk over here. written by dog lovers.
8:34 am
robin layton, who is holding one of her own rescue dogs. >> i think she wants to get back to her momma. >> this is a book called "a letter to my dog." it features dogs and their owners writing letters. among them, our special guest this morning, tony bennett. hi. how are you? happy thanksgiving, belatedly. >> thank you so much. >> it's a great book. robin, how did you get the idea for this? you can let her go. >> oh. >> there she goes. >> this was created by lisa. and we were having dinner last spring with friends. and with lisa and jimmy cole. lisa created it. jimmy cole produced it. and i got to do the photographs. >> tony, you wrote a letter to your dog, happy. >> happy. the name of the dog. >> that is the name of the dog. >> when i first saw her, i said, what a happy dog. and they said, call her happy.
8:35 am
>> i want to read a little of what you wrote to your dog. quote, i know that happy is someone that can lick your face, jump in your lap and run around in excited circles when i come home. >> my dog is very special. i really mean it. i know everybody feels that about their dog. but happy has a personality. she loves everything and everybody. we take her into central park. she loves to run up to anybody. the children, the grown-ups. different dogs. the tail is wagging all the time for us. she loves everybody. >> robin, i was reading this book last night. i'm struck by how many people, first of all, women called mommy, for their dogs. how many people say i got you from a rescue shelter, but you rescued me? there was one letter, from maria menounos, about a 6-year-old poodle that was so abused, it made me cry. it was so moving.
8:36 am
>> there's so many wonderful rescue dogs. we have four rescue dogs. that monkey on the cover, is my dog and she's a rescue dog. it was great to see people rescuing dogs from the shelters. >> your photography is amazing. you took a picture of k.g., robin's dog. >> that was an amazing experience. robin is warm and down to earth. like i need to tell you guys that. that was an amazing experience. and to witness the love between her and k.g. >> i want to read a letter from chelsea handler and her dog, chunk. thank for having good table manners. and thank you for not being a cat. these letters are quite funny. >> they're hysterical. >> and cynthia mcfadden, our own "nightline" anchor. >> i felt like i knew her forever. she was wonderful, too. >> and she writes a great letter to her dog. we have a clip of her talking to her dog. and the tone we all talk to our dogs, which is baby-talkle the
8:37 am
with ke take a look at that? >> why don't i talk to you like a normal person? >> that's a good question, cynthia. we have to get back to you on that. my husband does that to our dog, too. the baby-talk thing is hyster hysterical. >> our dogs disarm us. we go to the place of unconditional love. >> tony, tell me the truth. do you ever sing to your dog? >> i do. >> can you sing us something that you sing to her. >> i also thank her. she loves it. when -- she sits down next to me. and she's so content just to be around -- having me around for a couple of hours while i paint. >> what do you sing to happy? >> what's that? >> what do you sing to happy? >> "happy birthday." >> and she thinks the song is written for her. very great. tony bennett, thanks so much for being here this morning. >> thank you very much. >> robin, this is a great book. and dog lovers would love this
8:38 am
as a gift for christmas. >> i enjoyed it. >> i blame you for staying up too late last night. i started reading it. >> thank you. >> and tony has a new album and memoir in stores. another book you should be shopping for this christmas. >> thank you very much. >> look forward to seeing you next time, mr. bennett. "letter to my dog" and to see photos of other celebrities and their furry friends, check it out on on yahoo! time for the weather. and ginger zee. >> right over here. we have to do bookkeeping as our warm coats and warm hearts drive gets under way here. you can go to any burlington coat factory store and donate your coat. when you do, take a picture of yourself and tweet it to us. you might see yourself on "gma" like this person here. macic donating his coat. he lives in maryland. and mom says that macic saw the
8:39 am
coat in a closet. he asked whose it was. and he says, i'm taking it out the door. we have to give it to the man who is cold. how sweet is that? how, we get the tally of how many coats we already have. 18,100 so far this year. good numbers already this year. find out more about the coat drive at at yahoo!.com. we need to talk to more folks. you're going to teach elizabeth this. what's your name? >> joey. >> joey is going to teach elizabeth later about technology. let's get to boston. that's where we start this morning. a nice start here in new york city. and we actually have -- we don't have boston. we have minneapolis. let's look at that. minneapolis has a half-inch or so of snow on the ground. maybe we don't have minneapolis, either. either way, we can start with the graphics and talk about the big change. what i was going to show you is boston is warm today. and will stay that. minneapolis, 28. 47, st. louis. raleigh, 68. that big, cold front in the middle.
8:40 am
>> okay. >> turn it on. and then i -- oh. getting my tech lesson. thank you so much. coming up, emeril
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
[ cheers and applause ] what a great, great group out here. those hats, you get bonus points for the hats. we've been counting down to thanksgiving all week. and now, it is done and gone. now, we have the perennial age-old question, what to do with all of the leftover turkey. we eat the turkey, of course. emeril, though, good enough to stop by, to tell lara, sam and myself, what to do with the turkey. and it's not just a sandwich. take a look. so, what are we working on here first? >> you know what this is here? >> that's a -- >> this is called jicama. >> that's jicama. >> with a "j." >> jicama. >> so, this is jicama. and basically, this is chyote.
8:44 am
or alligator pear. we have some of that with red onions, julienned. if you don't have that, you can use celery, as well. >> this is from the book. this is the kicked-up sandwiches that came out last month. >> thank you. we're making a slaw. we have bell pepper and jalapenos. this is what we're going to do. we're going to add some mustard and a pinch of sugar. a little bit of salt. and then, we're going to add a little cayenne. and then, we're going to add a little bit of mayonnaise. and lime juice. and then, we're going to mix this in. this is buttermilk. a little bit goes a long way. perfect. now, we have the slaw. all right. let's move over here. russian dressing. so, we've got parsley. and we have hot sauce. and we have worcestershire
8:45 am
sauce. don't worry about all these ingredients, folks. >> celery. >> celery. >> and a little pickle? >> you're right. >> and ketchup? >> and chili sauce. and a little mayonnaise. >> a tiny touch. >> now, we're going to mix the ingredients. and we have a russian dressing. >> that looks delicious. >> you can make this ahead of time. keep it in the refrigerator. now, let's get to the good stuff. >> okay. >> leftover turkey. >> yeah. >> here's what you're going to do. >> our slaw. our dressing right here. >> we're going to take a little bit of the russian dressing. both sides. >> all right. >> okay? >> yep. >> now, what we're going to do is layer this. we take our leftover turkey, dark meat, white meat, it doesn't matter. we're going to take a little bit of the slaw. all right? and -- >> that slaw has a kick to it, by the way. >> it does, because of the jalapeno. >> it says, hello, i'm slaw.
8:46 am
>> maybe a little turkey. swiss cheese. you want to bake this in the oven, open-face. open-face in the oven. toast that bread. when the cheese is melted, we're going to add the rye bread right on top. >> look how good that is. >> get in. go. >> lara? >> sam? >> emeril, you don't have to -- >> yeah, i am. all right. here we go. >> use this. use that. >> this thing's called a plate. >> right. >> that's the rachel, as you call it. >> that's the rachel. that's right. >> i'm eating the turkey, provolone and pesto. >> this is a simple pesto, leftover turkey, and a little bit of whatever cheese that you have. and that goes in -- you can press it like a panini. isn't that good? >> it's good. to get these recipes, you can get them and more, on
8:47 am on yahoo! up next, a live performance by disney on ice, presenting "rockin' ever after."
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] all right. let's go back to new jersey. five words for you. cameron mathison in a kilt. nothing better than that. cameron, take it away. >> he's not in a kilt now. >> he's out of the kilt. he'll be in it. oh, he'll be in it. >> oh, yeah. >> cameron, all you. >> i'm not in a kilt, guys. look? i didn't want to embarrass anybody. i really didn't. but the disney guys are pretty amazing. you take one part talent show. one part fairy tale.
8:50 am
you get disney on ice presents "rockin' ever after." this show is touring in 20 cities across the u.s. and canada. here, the cast is here to perform a medley from the show, part of all of the songs. and i'm not in it. >> get ready, everybody. disney on ice presents "rockin' ever after." ♪ we'll have a good time i know you know how ♪ ♪ so, don't be shy now come on, just let it go ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ m-i-c-k-e-y
8:51 am
m-o-u-s-e ♪ ♪ ♪ part of your world ♪ ♪
8:52 am
♪ ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ here we go here we go ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ you feel the rhythm coming up from your feet ♪ ♪ you hear the music and it moves you ♪ ♪ your body's thinking and it moves to the beat ♪ ♪ there's no mistaken it grooves you ♪ ♪ get on your feet we're getting down ♪
8:53 am
♪ let's rock the mouse let's rock the mouse ♪ ♪ let's rock the mou
8:54 am
8:55 am
[ cheers and applause ] and a quick note, you can
8:56 am
see ex"extreme cougar wives" on tlc premiering monday. happy birthday, robin roberts. and thanks for watching. rashida, take us out.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning i'm sue hall. earlier accident northbound 101 in palo alto just past embarcadero road, one fatality, still has left lane only getting by, three right lanes
8:59 am
shutdown. traffic is jammed past san antonio road you want to use 280, "sig alert" in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. good morning. let's talk about the weather and how warm it is going to be this afternoon. five to eight degrees warmer than average. 70s around san jose, santa rosa, oakland, fremont, livermore, all the way up to cloverdale the rest of us mid to upper 60s. repeat tomorrow. still going to be cool at night, not as many 30s tonight, 40s until you get to oakland, san mateo and san francisco. just as warm tomorrow, cooling trend

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